When a police officer dies in the line of duty: Why the Warren Park Police Department is a place of honor

A woman in Brooklyn Bridge Park was killed by a police cruiser in the park on Saturday.According to a tweet by @BrooklynBridgePark, the woman was a woman of color, but it is unclear how she died.Brooklyn Bridge Police Chief David Cohen said officers responding to a report of a domestic assault were attacked by the […]

How to avoid being fined for driving without headlights

The NSW Police Force has launched an investigation into the operation of a billboard promoting a New Zealand national park that has prompted calls for an overhaul of the law in the state.Key points:A NSW Police spokesperson said the billboard is currently on display in Melbourne’s CBD but will be removed soonPolice said the incident […]

NYC State Parks get new ‘Gordon’ signage, new maps, and a new name

The new parks, which were unveiled on Tuesday, include an extension of the city’s famous Garfield Park into the park system’s west end.It also adds a new section of Lincoln Park to the park map.The city’s parks department said it will add a new “Gordon” signage along the western edge of the parks system.It will […]

How to make a ‘fun’ trip to Yellowstone’s famed ‘wilderness’

In the summer, the Colorado Plateau and Yellowstone National Park have become popular summer destination for outdoors enthusiasts and campers alike.The park is known for its wild animals and wild scenery and attracts thousands of visitors each year.Yellowstone has a population of about 3.3 million, and there are around 1.5 million people who live within […]

Are the national parks near Brooklyn Bridge Park really in danger?

The National Parks Department has been working with the city to develop a plan for the future of the park, which has been closed for nearly four years due to the massive flooding that hit it last month. In a statement released Tuesday, the department stated the plan includes a number of measures, including new park […]

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