‘Shelter’ in ‘Sleeping Bear’ park near Kathmandu: ‘You need to be on the move’

In a new park, the only place you need to stay for a long time is on the prowl, for example, or in the middle of nowhere, and you need all the help you can get to keep your cool.

In a place like the Paradise Park in Nepal’s central Himalayan region, it is not uncommon for visitors to encounter sleeping bears, and the animals have become a symbol of the Himalayan country’s fragile wildlife.

“The animals are the people, so they are our people, our way of life, our source of livelihood,” says T. S. T. Harding, a conservationist and co-founder of the Nepal-based Sanctuary park.

“They are not the animals of the parks, they are the animals that come here to live.

It’s just like a natural place where the animals live.”

Harding is not alone in his vision of a “natural place” in which the animals might thrive.

There are similar views in parts of India, where the Bhopal tiger reserves are popular destinations for safari groups.

“It is natural habitat that the animals will survive,” says Shanti Gupta, president of the India-based National Tiger Initiative, which has a wildlife park in Jhansi.

“In our environment, it’s natural for the animals to stay in the forests.

It is natural for them to live in the mountains.”

But Harding is a little more optimistic, saying that the idea is to give the animals a “safe space” to roam, and also to protect them from poaching.

He also notes that the elephants have already proven that they are very adaptable to their environment.

“In the wild, they can live in a lot of different environments, but in captivity they can’t survive.

They don’t know how to adapt,” he says.

“So we’re trying to create an environment that is not hostile for the elephants, so that they can learn to live with it and adapt to the environment.”

Hardening is also part of the effort to create a sanctuary park in Nepal for the park’s tigers, who are not native to the country.

It would be a “good place to start,” he adds.

The park is set to be opened by the end of 2019, with plans to expand the park to more than 3,000 square meters.

Harding says that he hopes the park will serve as a model for other parks around the world.

“We hope this will become the standard in the next 10 years or so,” he tells CNN.

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