A little girl named Annie won’t stop crying over her father’s death

Annie has spent most of her life in a state of constant grief over her grandfather’s death, but her story has come full circle.

After years of grieving, Annie’s dad, Larry, passed away last year, leaving her mother, Anna, to care for her.

Anna says that her mother was extremely dedicated to her, and that she was willing to sacrifice everything for her daughter’s sake.

Anna now goes by Annie, and she tells TIME that her father, Larry Jr., had always been there for her, but that the grief over his passing changed everything for Anna and her family.

“I think what happened is when he died, he wasn’t there anymore,” Anna explains.

“My parents had no idea how I was going to go through this.”

Annie’s father died of a heart attack while driving on a rural road.

She is currently the sole caretaker of their daughter, and Anna is happy that she is still with her.

She was able to raise Annie, despite having only two years of schooling, and has become her biggest supporter.

“He always wanted me to do what I was supposed to do,” Anna says.

“So when he was gone, I had to find out how to make this whole process easier.”

Anna also said that she has found a sense of peace and closure in her life.

“When I was in kindergarten, my teacher would tell me that when I’m crying, I’m not alone,” Anna recalls.

“That is how I feel now.”

For Anna, the loss of her father has been a huge challenge to deal with, and her mother has had to cope with her own grief.

“She’s been the one who has really helped me,” Anna laughs.

“Even though she is the one with the issues, she has always supported me and always helped me with whatever was needed.”

Anna’s mother was a stay-at-home mother and a nurse, but she is also the only adult in her family, and Annie’s mother, who is also a stay at home mother, is also extremely protective of her daughter.

“The hardest thing for me to deal on is that I am her primary caretaker,” Anna admits.

“It’s not a problem I have any kind of issue with.

It just sucks for me because I really want her to be happy.”

Anna has never really experienced being alone before, and even now, she says that she can’t help but feel lonely.

She wants to be able to go back to her mother’s house, and says that it’s important that her sister, Bonnie, also go back.

“If I get to stay with her, I think that I’ll be able do the same for her,” Anna continues.

“Bonnie would be my first real friend in my life, and Bonnie would be the best person to talk to.”

Anna hopes that by sharing her story, she can help other children with similar experiences find the strength to face their feelings, and make the best decisions possible.

“Hopefully people can be inspired to do the best they can,” Anna said.

“As long as I’m able to do this, I feel like I have a lot of hope in my future.”

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