Which parks will you visit this summer?

Canobie Lake, New Brunswick’s most popular state park, will be closed to visitors until June.

The park’s owner said it was considering closing all three lakes because of algae, and also that it had already lost about 30% of its visitor numbers in recent years.

The lake’s annual visitor count of 3,500 was down from 4,000 in 2010.

Canobies Lake is the first in New Brunswick to lose its winter visitation numbers due to algae.

(David Donnelly/CBC)”I have to say that we are definitely looking at closure of the park as we know that the weather in New Brunswickers is not ideal,” said John Darnell, who runs Canobia Lake.

“The water quality has changed dramatically.”

Canobie Lakes is a 1,700-acre, 1.5-mile (2,400-kilometre) lake in New Hampshire’s Upper Cape Cod region.

The lake was closed to people in February for an algae bloom that had hit the lake in recent months.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said last month it would be releasing water from the lake into a drainage channel to reduce the flow of algae that has caused problems for visitors.

Darnell said it’s too soon to say whether the lake will reopen, but the state’s parks department said the state was working with the New Brunswick government to ensure the lake would not become inaccessible.

The department has been trying to get more people to visit the lake and other state parks.

“Our focus is going to be on getting the public to come out and spend their time here, which is a really important part of what we do here,” Darnel said.

New Brunswick has one of the highest levels of algae in the country, according to a study by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

It’s also among the most polluted in the world.

Canobies lake is one of three lakes in New England.

Its lake visitor count dropped from 4 in 2010 to 1 in 2014.

It was the only lake in the state to lose visitor numbers due in part to the algae bloom.

Canbies lake has been closed since 2009.

Brett Wojcik, the president of the New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, said the lake was the most visited state park in the United States last year, which could have contributed to its closure.

He said the closure could hurt tourism, but that many people still wanted to visit.

“You don’t want to lose a business,” Wojcik said.

“We just want to see them come and spend money with us.”

Can Obies Lake, the New England’s most visited lake, will also be closed until May 25 for an annual algae bloom and will not reopen until July 17.

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