When it comes to getting a parking ticket, Ray Park says he is ‘disappointed’

A photographer from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has been banned from taking pictures in Griffith Park after a photo was allegedly posted on Instagram.

The photo, showing a parking pass holder in the Griffith Park area of Brisbane, has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Park, who works as a freelance photojournalist and photographer, was arrested on Sunday night for allegedly breaching the code of conduct for photographers.

“I have been working on this for about five years and I am disappointed to see that I will be in trouble,” Mr Park told ABC News Breakfast.

He said he was given three days to explain why he was banned from photographing in Griffith park.

“I’m sorry if I’ve upset anybody but I have no right to disrespect any other photographers and to have any form of harassment or discrimination against other photographers,” Mr Parks said.

The Queensland Police Service said the officer in charge of the case had been informed of the offence.

Mr Park said he would continue to use the park, but said he believed there should be a greater emphasis on keeping tickets out of sight of the public.

“As a photographer I want to photograph something and the park has a very good parking system,” he said.

“That’s the thing, if I can get a ticket I will.

If you’re not careful you could be fined.”

People who don’t respect the park are not photographers, they’re just people who want to get out of their cars and leave their car and do something else.

“Mr Parks said he did not know if the photo would result in his being issued with a fine.

A Queensland Police spokesman said the agency was not aware of any other charges against Mr Park in relation to the photo.

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