Which Australian cities are the safest in the world?

The most recent crime statistics show Melbourne is the most crime-ridden major city in Australia, and the worst-affected region.

But the figures show Sydney is the safest city in the country and Brisbane the safest place in the nation.

Sydney is one of a handful of cities in the national capital which have not seen a single homicide in the past three years.

“It’s really just an absolute disgrace,” said former Police Commissioner Mike Morris.

In the past decade, the city has recorded more than 300 homicides.

Mr Morris said there was an overwhelming lack of police officers in the area, and that he had received a lot of complaints about how dangerous the city was.

The last homicide in Sydney occurred in May when a man shot a woman in a stairwell outside the Carlton Hotel.

It was one of four such incidents reported by police in the city.

Police said there had been a significant increase in drug dealing in the suburb in recent years.

“Drug dealing is a major issue in the inner city and it’s really been a major contributor to the crime rate in the suburbs,” Senior Constable David LeBlanc said.

‘It’s an absolute shame’Mr Morris also slammed the Police Commissioner for the way he had been handled.

“[He] didn’t want to come and talk to us, so we decided to go into hiding,” he said.

“He said we’re not going to talk to anyone because we’re afraid, and we’re right, we’re scared, and it was just wrong.”

“We were just looking after our own and we were just trying to protect ourselves.”

The man shot in the stairwell has since been identified as a 37-year-old man.

According to Mr Morris, the man was known to police for drug dealing and had been convicted of two drug offences.

Victoria Police confirmed it had received two complaints from people about the stairway shooting.

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