Jimin’s comeback could be a success story

Jimin is one of the most promising female rappers to come out of South Korea this year.

The 26-year-old has been performing and releasing music since 2012, and her debut album was released in February.

The group released a song called “JIMIN” in April, which she shared on Instagram with a video of herself dancing.

She also shared the song on her Snapchat, which has since been deleted.

She was the first female rapper to be featured in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five years, and the first to be the No. 1 female artist for two years.

Her songs have also garnered critical acclaim, and have earned her praise from critics.

However, she has had trouble securing a major label.

In January, she dropped her latest album, the album featuring the songs “You’ve Got to Love Me,” “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” and “Kiss Me” at the first-ever South Korean Music Awards ceremony in Seoul.

The event was held in Seoul, but was canceled due to heavy rain.

Her music has also been featured in numerous music videos, including a video for “I’ll Be Back” from the upcoming movie, The Fate of the Furious.

The video was later taken down, but the song still plays in the background.

“Jimin” has also gone viral on YouTube.

It has garnered over 4 million views since it was released, and over 1.2 million views as of this writing.

While her music has garnered widespread attention, it has also come under fire for her treatment of her fans, who have accused her of not doing enough to protect them.

Fans have accused the rapper of using the “pink slime” method to manipulate her fans and her image.

On social media, many fans have voiced their concern that she was not taking care of her fan base and her fans.

On the night of the festival, she responded to fans on Twitter saying, “The only thing I can say about fans is that they are my precious ones.”

She also wrote, “If you are not satisfied, then don’t bother to listen to me.”

On March 21, the group posted a video on Instagram featuring Jimin performing at the South Korean music festival and saying, “[Korean] fans will be able to say that I’m a real star and not just a singer.

If they say that, then I’m not just saying it to impress them.

I’m saying it in the best way possible.”

According to Billboard, “Jims’ album has received positive reviews from critics, including the Billboard 200 chart.

She has been nominated for three Grammys, two of which have been for best albums, and she has also won two more awards for her music.

The music video for the song “Don

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