How a park is reinvented with new design

What started as a simple design challenge is now a modern playground for young kids.

The playground in Ivy Park in central London, where children can play in the open air and climb up to their favourite toys, has been transformed into a new playground.

BBC London 4/12 Playground in Ivys Park A playground in the city centre, in central Paris.

The park is part of the City of Lights project, designed to celebrate Paris as a cultural and social hub and create a vibrant and inclusive environment for the city’s young people.

5/12 Place for the stars One of the most famous buildings in the world, the Grand Palais in Paris.

It was designed by architect Jean Nouvelle in the 1830s.

The complex includes the Grand Opera House, the Louvre Museum, the École des Beaux Arts, the Place de la Concorde, the Parc de Princes and the Place d’Honneur.

6/12 Crescitoyens Gardens One of Paris’s most famous gardens, the Crescitoyens, is the setting for the film “Citizen Kane”.

The park has become a destination for children to play, with the children learning how to make balloons, ride trains and build a giant tree.

7/12 A walk in the park The park, in south-east London.

It is a small and simple park with a playground, a playground tower, and a pavilion for children aged between five and eight.

8/12 The garden park The gardens at the Cascais Gardens in London, home to many of the park’s animals.

It has been designed to be open to all and is a perfect setting for a day out with friends and family.

9/12 Children’s play in Ivies park The playground at the park, which is part in the City-of-Lights project.

It will include a play area for children and an indoor playground.

10/12 Kids’ playground at Cascos gardens The playground, designed by London-based architects Gertrude W. Houghton and George Hough.

It includes a play space for children, an indoor playing area and a playground.

11/12 Walk in the garden The gardens of the Caves in London’s South-East are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a variety of wildlife including wild ducks, geese and lizards.

12/12 Walking in the Caving area The Caves are a site in the south of London which is famous for its limestone caves.

It features a huge number of them and is home to some of the world’s most impressive rock formations.

1/12 Pizzas in the gardens One of London’s many famous pizza parlours.

The gardens feature a variety on pizzas, including a pizza oven and a pizza bar.

2/12 In-game camera in the pavilion A camera sits in the green area of the playground, which will be used by children to record their progress.

It also has an area for filming and sharing.

3/12 One of six playgrounds at the city-of london park in central park The City of Londons Park, one of the largest parks in London.

4/13 Playground with a video screen and playground video screen This is one of four playgrounds in the central park that will feature a video-screen.

It’s part of a collaboration between the city of london, London Zoo and the Children’s Theatre.

5 / 13 Playground on a lake in central France This is the playground in central Parkes, where the playground is a favourite for children between the ages of five and ten.

6 / 13 The park’s playground This is a playground in north London, featuring an indoor play area and an outdoor playground.

7 / 13 Kids’ play in Cascas gardens The Cascacas Gardens are a nature reserve in south London, which has been home to an impressive range of birds, reptiles and amphibians.

8 / 13 A walk on the lake A green area in central Cascassons gardens, which features a play ground and an area where children will be able to watch the birds from a helicopter.

9 / 13 Walk in one of Cascadas gardens A green park in south central Cacassons, which hosts the Childrens Theatre, a new film and an exhibition called “Cave-in”.

10 / 13 One of Caves parks in central Londonces park in north-west London.

This is part for children from the age of five to ten.

11 / 13 Pizzarito in the lake This is what children are playing on in Caves gardens.

It looks like a big, green, and shiny pizza, but it is actually a video game!

12 / 13 Children playing in a Cascades garden One of Britain’s largest parks, Cascads gardens is home the world famous Caves, a site of extraordinary natural beauty.

1 / 13 Pizza in the parks

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