Park Hyung Suk’s new trailer park has a new owner

By now, the trailer park scene in the US is a familiar one.

There are tons of them popping up around the country, from tiny, self-contained campsites to mega-scale ones.

While there are plenty of great examples of trailer parks in the country (the Grand Canyon is a prime example), a new one has sprung up in the Piedmont Park area of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Called the Park Hyuk Suk Trailer Park, it’s the largest trailer park in the area and is expected to be fully operational by early 2019.

It’s a pretty big deal.

Park Hyung Sik, the owner and operator of the Park and Ride trailer park, says the idea came about when he noticed a lot of his customers were getting frustrated with the amount of time it takes for their ride to arrive at their destination.

The trailer park had been operating for about two years and was nearing the end of its first season when the owner decided he wanted to make the change and move to a trailer park that was bigger and better.

The trailer park was set up in a former parking lot, but it wasn’t just a temporary structure.

The Park Hyun Suk trailer park is expected take advantage of the new zoning laws that have been enacted in Colorado Springs in the past few years, which allowed for trailer parks to be built in vacant lots, and also make them smaller and easier to operate.

The park was originally supposed to open in late 2018, but that’s now pushed back to early 2019, with the final dates to be announced later this year.

The park is set to have a total of 4,000 to 6,000 parking spaces, with 3,500 of those spaces being dedicated to trailers.

The rest of the space will be dedicated to bikes and other recreation items.

In addition to parking lots, Park Hyup Suk is also building a bike shop and a bike storage facility.

It also plans to have two large outdoor terraces for use by skateboarders, surfers and others who might be more interested in riding in the park than in a car.

Park and Ride is an ambitious project, but Park Hyu Suk said that he’s confident the trailer parks he’s building will provide more than just a ride for his customers.

The first trailer park he built, he said, was the first trailer parks that were built in the 1960s, but he’s planning to continue building.

Park Hyuyuk said he’s always wanted to build bigger and more elaborate trailer parks and hopes to get this project off the ground in the next few years.

The Park Hyuck Suk trailer parks are not just for people who want to ride in a trailer and enjoy the outdoors.

Park and ride has a very high percentage of rentals, with more than 90% of the trailers being rented out.

According to Park Hyuz, the company will make up to 50% of their rentals by selling the remaining 40%.

Park Hyuyu Suk also said that Park Hyucks trailer parks will be more than “just an amusement park.”

He said that parkers will be able to enjoy everything that park is about.

He also said the trailer space will become a popular gathering place for the local residents, who are often on the move when they’re not in the trailer.

“It’s about community,” Park Hyutus said.

“It’s going to be a great community gathering place.

It’s going a good thing for the park and for the neighborhood.”

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