Trey Parker and Matt Stone are teaming up on a new park, Trey Parker’s Waterpark, in the US

Trey Parker will soon have a new home.

In an interview with TechRadars, Parker has announced that he and his son, Matt Stone, will team up on what will be his fourth waterpark in the world, Trey Parker’s WaterPark, a five-acre theme park set in the United States.

The park will be open to the public from February to November, with tours beginning in late November and lasting until early December.

Parker told TechRadAR: “We have two things in common, the first is the fact that we’ve been making these water parks since we were kids.

The second thing is we’ve got a little bit of a love for the outdoors.

We’ve spent a lot of time in nature, so we’ve always enjoyed being outdoors.

The first one is a theme park, the second one is in the backyard.”

The park, which will be the first in the new park’s series of water parks in the U.S., will feature a large water slide, a canoe launch, and a giant swimming pool with water slides, water slides and a mini-dive.

It will also feature a water tower with water features that can be launched into the air.

Parker said that he’s excited to work with Stone, who is also a lifelong outdoorsman and an avid swimmer, to develop a water park that combines the fun of the water park with the natural beauty of the area around it.

The new park will feature both interactive and indoor activities.

Parker added that he’ll be able to see the new Trey Parker Waterpark at events such as the 2014 New York City Marathon.

“It’s a pretty special park, it’s a great place to be, but it’s also really unique,” he said.

“We can really show what the park is about, because it’s really in the weeds.

It’s an area that is very much in the middle of nowhere.”

Trey Parker is the co-founder and executive producer of Parks and Recreation.

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