Why Colorado parks don’t like their national parks

The National Park Service is not happy with the state of Colorado’s parks.

The state recently announced it will be releasing a $1.9 billion plan to help states manage their parks.

This plan, known as the Park and Recreation Plan, is being touted as a way to “re-energize” the parks and “ensure a seamless transition for the nation’s parks and recreation.”

Unfortunately, the plan does not address the issues of pollution and invasive species that have been found in the parks in recent years. 

In fact, the parks don- t want to address any of the issues they have, according to a letter the agency sent to the states, which were responding to a request for comment from the Denver Post.

“The Park Service recognizes the critical importance of protecting our parks from environmental, biological, and human health threats,” reads the letter, signed by the agency’s director of parks, Robert E. Covington.

“We cannot wait to begin the long-term process of restoring our parks to a healthy, healthy state.”

In the letter dated June 26, Covingwood states that “we cannot wait.”

The parks, which span more than 7 million acres and include the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Colorado River, Colorado Plateau, and Lake Mead, are already in a precarious situation, as pollution levels have increased, especially in the Great Basin, the agency wrote.

The agency also says the state needs to start prioritizing the creation of “better, more sustainable park infrastructure” by providing more funding for new trails, trails-related businesses, parks-related education, and new recreational opportunities.

The park service’s letter also highlights the “dangerous” impacts of invasive species and “disproportionately impacting” endangered species, including the endangered desert tortoise, which is threatened by a parasite called the desert tortoisesnake.

In response to the letter sent by the parks agency, state Rep. Steve Hansen, D-Colo., who represents the area around the Great Sand Dunes National Park, wrote, “This plan, with its many, many problems, is just another example of how the Park Service has not been transparent and is in complete denial of the reality of the problem. 

The state needs us to work together to address the problems the parks are experiencing, so that we can restore our parks as they are.”

The parks agency said the plan is not a replacement for the parks.

Instead, it is a plan to provide a roadmap for the park system, which includes planning for environmental, cultural, recreation, and economic development.

The parks department did not respond to a question from the Post about the letter.

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