How to help save California’s national parks

It was a busy day for the National Park Service as the agency continues to struggle to restore and maintain parks and other national resources that have been affected by wildfires. 

The National Park Fire Service (NPS) reported an overall fire suppression rate of 0.4 percent, which is slightly below its historic average of 1.4%. 

The agency reported that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) said that the fire season is likely to be in the region of about 15 days, but they said the NPS has not been able to establish a timeline for when the next fire season will start. 

“Our fires are becoming bigger and we’re not having as much time to plan for fire suppression,” NPS Chief Mark Womack said. 

Womack also said that despite the drought conditions, the agency is working hard to restore the parks to the same state of readiness they were in before the fires. 

During a briefing in the Nampa, Idaho area, Womak also said the agency has had to increase its firefighting operations, which included the use of helicopters and boats to help fight the fires in Idaho and Montana. 

Firefighters are still trying to control the fires, but the agency said they are making progress. 

In the Nogales fire, a blaze that began in southern Arizona on Saturday, officials said the blaze was under control by Sunday morning. 

On Sunday, the NPA reported that more than 8,000 acres of forests, grasslands, chaparral, and shrubs have burned, but NPS officials have not yet released an official count of the number of homes that have burned. 

Officials are also continuing to battle the fires of northern Arizona and southwestern California. 

NPS spokesman Greg Anderson said that a significant amount of vegetation in the area has burned and the agency will not be able to assess the total damage until Tuesday. 

Anderson said that while the NOS and NPS will continue to work with the state to protect the environment and the public, he does not expect any immediate impacts on the public. 

Despite the fires burning through several states, Anderson said the fires have not affected public safety. 

He also said NPS is continuing to assess damage to parks and wildlife. 

This post has been updated to include information from the NFPAA.

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