How to save your home from a landslide at WSU and UW parks

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Washington Department of Parks and Recreation are warning that a landslide in the Washington State Parks and Recreational Area will hit your home and leave you with a significant loss of property value.

The state parks system, including the park and recreation area in the Spokane area, will lose $2.8 million in property value, according to the DNR.

WSU officials said in a press release that the landslide is expected to hit around 4 p.m.


“The landslide will be heavy and will cause a considerable loss of home values,” said Washington State Park Superintendent Brian Gaudet.

“A portion of the park system is likely to be lost.”

The landslide will also impact other structures, including some recreational facilities.

The parks system said that the park itself will lose approximately $2 million worth of buildings.

The Washington State Patrol said that its crews are working to recover structures that may be damaged from the landslide.

“I just hope we can get them back on track in time,” said Patrol Trooper Mark DeBoe.

“It’s not a big deal.

It’s a little bit of a shock.”

According to the WSU spokesman, the park is in the process of rebuilding and repairing damaged structures.

The park is also working to determine the location of debris that may have fallen onto private property.

The landslide is one of the worst landslides the state has ever seen.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a big landslide like this,” said Spokane resident Jeff Laughlin.

“We’re just lucky to have our home here.”

The State Parks System was notified of the landslide early Monday morning and is preparing for the landslide to hit, said Washington Parks spokesman Brian Gudell.

Officials are still working to restore the park to its pre-lapse condition, but will be working to rebuild as quickly as possible.

Officials said the landslide will affect some of the area’s recreational facilities as well as structures in the park.

The agency will also have to assess the damage to private property as well.

“We want to make sure that everyone’s protected from this, and we’re working very hard to get that right,” said Gudelle.

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