‘What I’ve seen in Africa’ is not Africa

By KELLY GARRETTA | Updated February 08, 2018 02:07:56It’s been a tough few months for Africa’s wildlife.

A new census is expected to show that fewer than 100 lions are left, while poaching has hit a new peak, as hundreds of elephants are killed by poachers.

As a result, some experts have suggested that the continent’s wildlife may be at risk of being wiped out.

The latest research is in line with this theory.

In a new study published in Conservation Letters, researchers at the University of Queensland found that the extinction of the African lion could be driven by the actions of a single species.

The study looked at the species that are currently living in Africa and found that these animals were highly likely to be affected by the effects of climate change and habitat loss.

“The African lion is a species that has historically been protected and protected well by conservation agencies,” said lead author Professor Tom Muehlenkamp.

“The lion is very resilient, and it’s also very vulnerable to climate change, but the species is currently very vulnerable.”

Professor Muebbenkamp said that climate change is already affecting the animals that live in Africa.

“We can’t just put a blanket on this,” he said.

“When we talk about climate change being a threat to African wildlife, the animals we’re talking about are not just lions and tigers and leopards.

We’re talking specifically about African elephants and leopard seals.”

Professor Tom Muesbbenk said that conservation efforts are critical to ensuring that the African species is not wiped out by climate change.

“Climate change will lead to species extinction and that is something we can’t allow to happen,” he added.

“There’s a huge amount of work that needs to be done.”

Professor Thomas Stokes, from the Wildlife Conservation Society, said the new study highlights the importance of the work of conservation organisations.

“A lot of the efforts in the field are focused on species management and conservation, and this study gives us an opportunity to look at the impacts of climate-change on these animals,” he told ABC News.

“So far, we know that climate-related species extinctions are very rare and are usually quite small.”

He said the study also highlights the role that humans can play in stopping the species from becoming extinct.

“It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s a very important start,” he explained.

“This work has shown that the actions we take to prevent species extinction are likely to have a significant impact on conservation success.”


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