How to fix Jurassic Park: Class Action Park trailer park

“Class Action Park” is back!

The new trailer park, “Trailer Park Boys” premieres on Sunday at 9 p.m.

ET on MTV, with more trailer parks coming soon.

Here’s how to fix the problem of the park’s trailers being too crowded.

The Trailer Park Boys trailer park has been the subject of a class action lawsuit filed by the families of eight plaintiffs.

The suit alleges that trailers that are too crowded have led to “loss of enjoyment and enjoyment of the entertainment and product offered by the Entertainment District.”

The suit, which seeks class action status, alleges that the trailers “become more crowded, and the entertainment is not offered to consumers.”

The lawsuit also alleges that many of the plaintiffs have suffered “severe” injuries because of the trailer park’s “lack of safety, noise, and/or congestion.”

“Trailers are too large to safely fit in the back of a vehicle,” the suit alleges.

“While trailers are not built for high-speed travel, their occupants often must endure a slow, painful journey.”

“This is a tragic situation that is directly impacting Plaintiffs, their families, and their friends,” the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Andrew Seidel, said in a statement.

The trailer park is currently operating under a new policy instituted by the City of Los Angeles.

The policy states that trailers are prohibited from being in the rear of a car, and it also bans “parking, loading, and unloading trailers in the street.”

But there are still “several dozen trailers” that have “grown too large for their respective rear-facing positions.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that “many” of the families suing in the class action are still waiting to get their money.

The lawsuit claims that the trailer parks are “a dangerous and unsafe environment for everyone, including children and the elderly.”

“There are no public safety measures that have been put in place to prevent this situation from happening again,” Seidel said in the statement.

“This litigation has been long in the making, and we are grateful to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for taking this seriously.”

“The Trailer Park Boy” premiets on Sunday, July 11 at 9:00 p.l.

ET, on MTV.

“Trailler Park Boys Trailer Park” premies on Sunday August 7 at 9pm ET, MTV.

The full lawsuit can be read here.

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